22 November 2021
Introducing the Exotic Mistress Leilani
Her name means "heavenly flower"—and She is.
Of Asian descent, this stunning millennial Domina financed UCLA via scholarships She
won as a teen beauty-pageant queen and the proceeds from modeling and working as an
acting extra. A voice actor/speech coach in the Bay Area, until recently She maintained
a secret second career as a stripper, having met the goal of buying Her dream home.
Playmate Q&A
How the well-bred young lady applies at a strip club: "She takes her mother along as chaperone!"
People would be surprised to learn: "I adore going to Home Depot. I'm a 'handy ma'am.'
I even trim my own trees. I was professionally trained by arborists, so I know my knots."
Talent: "I played piano for the talent portion of pageants. Now, I do a mean Jessica Rabbit."
Ask me: "Why the other strippers finally stopped querying whether my breasts are real."
Motto: "From the wicked Oscar Wilde, 'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.'"


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